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Rental management
for villas and apartments

Managing your property

We help you make your property profitable

and we bring you our know-how in high-quality tourist rental.

 real-estate property

Engaging our management services frees the owners from this task. We take care of the property, villa or apartment, from a legal, accounting, technical and commercial point of view with your best interests to the foremost. Our goal is to advise, guide and orient you, acting as an intermediary between you and the tenant.

Rental management accounts for at least half of the success of rental investments abroad. Today, thanks to the efficiency of communications tools, distance is no longer an obstacle for investing and turning a profit on an overseas asset. Caribservice offers you a range of personalized services with clear commitments, freeing you from the hassles and pressure involved in renting.

We know the procedures and guarantee all the logistics on behalf of our customers. Securing your purchase and saving you time and money is our job.

Our services include:

  • Paying standing orders (suppliers, employees, miscellaneous insurance, etc.)
  • Contact with the administration and house staff.
  • A quarterly report of the management activity (report, figures of the leases, if any).
  • Regular inspection of the property and detection of any breakdowns and maintenance work to be carried out.
  • Providing an estimate for repairs or other purchases, in charge of follow-up of the works.

 and housekeeping

With us, all villas and apartments are maintained to a high standard and always ready for the arrival of owners or tenants. The whole team take care of the cleanliness and that everything is working properly.


Outdoor maintenance
 pools and gardens

Each garden has its techniques, especially, those pruning jobs that need doing throughout the year to keep the garden looking splendid every day. A poolman and a gardener takes care of the swimming pools and looks after the gardens on a daily basis.

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For a good first impression...

entrust your property for sale or rent with us

The properties featured on our website are highlighted and we try to be as accurate as possible. Every property —sale or rental— has its own presentation page.

  • ›› For the most part and as much as possible the indoor / outdoor photos are taken by a professional photographer, and are easily recognizable as they have the Caribservice watermark.
  • ›› A pictogram font has been specially created to offer you a quick reading of the components of the property to be sold or rented.
  • ›› The highlights of the accommodation are detailed in the section "About ...".
  • ›› The area of the property or house is measured in square feet (sq ft).
  • ›› You will find the number of rooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • ›› The fact sheet for each product is clear and easy to read.
  • ›› The location is original: a sketch.
  • ›› We provide some info about the neighborhood: proximity to the village and beaches, etc.
  • ›› Prices are displayed in Euros for the website in France; in Dollars for the site catering to the Dominican Republic (Caribbean and Central and South Americas) and USA.

As the first impression is often the decisive one, presenting one's house or apartment for sale in the best light helps close the deal.

Real estate for sale

To conduct the negotiation without losing time or underselling your property, first you need to find the right price, which is undoubtedly the most difficult part. Sellers tend to overestimate their property and shouldn´t just go by the prices posted for other properties "for sale". Of course, you must leave a margin for negotiation, but it is also unadvisable to put too high a sales price on it. In our experience, a dwelling on the sales market for a long time leads purchasers to be wary and that makes it difficult to close the deal.

Our opinion - There is a definite advantage to a real estate agency: it knows the industry and can present the property at its true market value while taking your opinion into account.

Through our real estate office, you multiply the sales force and secure the deal which also allows you, the property owner, to have a follow-up on visits. We promise to advertise your property through our network and our French, Spanish and English websites. In the long run, you will save time and get a better selling price by entrusting the job to professionals.

Our opinion - You get better results with an exclusive mandate: it motivates the real estate agency to really commit.